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LGBTQ Child Visitation

When it comes to visitation issues for children of lesbians, gays, and bisexuals, the courts have been abundantly clear that the best interests of the child reign supreme. Unfortunately, the courts have not ruled on cases specifically involving visitation rights for transgendered people, so that is murkier.

LGB couples who use assisted reproduction are considered co-parents. The courts have a preference for awarding custody to the parent who is most likely to allow the other parent “frequent and continuing contact” with the child. This paves the way for reasonable visitation agreements to be formed.

In instances where LGB couples are not married and are not registered partners, it may be more difficult for the non-biological parent to obtain gay visitation rights. Nevertheless, Liebmann Family Law stands ready to assist you in asserting that the interests of the child would be best served by continuing contact with the non-biological parent.

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