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Prenuptial Agreements

When you decide to marry and have substantial assets, you can protect them through a pre-nuptial agreement. Advantages to an agreement may include:


- Determining individual assets and ensuring that they remain separate property after marriage

- Establishing financial security

- Preserving assets for children and beneficiaries

- Providing for children from a previous relationship

- Establishing agreed-upon procedures to resolve changing financial circumstances in the event of a separation or divorce

- Avoiding litigation over property division, spousal support and alimony in the event of divorce

Bucks County Family Law Attorneys at Liebmann Family Law can help you draft an effective pre-nuptial agreement that both protects your assets and fairly considers your future spouse. With decades of combined legal experience as our foundation, we can help you understand and guard against any potential risks.


If your future spouse requests you sign a pre-marital agreement, we can review it and counsel you on your rights and responsibilities before signature.


Post-Nuptial Agreements

Sometimes spouses find it useful to enter into a post-nuptial agreement that considers assets, income and property after you marry. A post-nuptial agreement can be especially effective if you expect to or experience substantial increases in income, property and inheritances during your marriage.


Our skilled Attorneys can tailor your post-nuptial agreement to protect your assets and your interests. We can also counsel you if you are asked to sign a post-nuptial agreement by your spouse.

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