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Understanding Child Support

SUPPORT  - This includes child support and spousal support.  As to child support, the parent who has partial physical custody pays child support to the parent who has primary physical custody.   


Pennsylvania and New Jersey have in place Child Support Guidelines which determine how much support one parent pays to the other.  Even with a shared physical custody arrangement, if one parent earns more than the other, there still may be a child support obligation.  This issue also includes a contribution for child care, health insurance and extra-curricular activities. 


As to spousal support, if you are married and one spouse earns more than the other you may be entitled to spousal support.  This is based upon many factors but the main points are the length of the marriage and the income of the parties. 


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"Jeffrey Liebmann provided sage legal advice and humane guidance throughout the process of appealing an eight year old Marriage Settlement Agreement that I entered into and signed under duress.  We were able to successfully negotiate a reasonable settlement that now falls in line with general state divorce guidelines, knocked over six years of alimony off my settlement and saved me approximately $104,000.00.  Jeff's fee was more than fair, in fact a bargain.  I had full confidence throughout negotiations and the entire process that Jeff had my best interests protected.  It was very clear that his two decades of family law practice served me well."

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