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Understanding Divorce:

DIVORCE – There is a lot of predictability in divorce.  You may not like what you hear or you may not accept it but the benefit of meeting with an experienced attorney is to offer to you a roadmap of how a divorce will proceed. If you and your spouse are able to discuss the economic issues, you may save yourself thousands of dollars in legal fees.   


A Divorce process typically begins is with the filing of a Complaint.  It does not matter who files first.    This is a formal document filed with the Court advising that you are proceeding with a divorce.  The next thing to occur is the grounds or legal basis for the divorce.  This can occur in three different ways.  The first is by Consent.  Ninety days after service of the Divorce Complaint you can each sign a consent agreeing to move the divorce along.  The second is one year of separation.  The third are fault grounds.  This is the only time that fault is relevant in a divorce action.  It does not mean that you get more or less of the marital estate - it is just the basis for divorce.  This is a miserable way to proceed and not one that I would recommend. 


Once the grounds have been established, you can move to court to resolve the economic issues.  This is the division of all assets and liabilities accumulated during the marriage.  In the ideal situation, you and your spouse can come to an agreement with the assistance of counsel.  Therefore, there would not be any reason to proceed to court.  If however, you and your spouse cannot agree, the court system is there for you.  It is at this time that alimony is also resolved as to amount and length of time.  For some reason many people think that alimony does not exist.  That is not correct.  It is alive and kicking in Pennsylvania.  Again, this depends on many things the most important of which is the income of the parties and the length of the marriage.

 Once these issues are resolved you will be divorced.  You will not be divorced until the economic issues of your marriage are resolved either by agreement or court order. 


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Understanding Divorce






"Jeffrey Liebmann provided sage legal advice and humane guidance throughout the process of appealing an eight year old Marriage Settlement Agreement that I entered into and signed under duress.  We were able to successfully negotiate a reasonable settlement that now falls in line with general state divorce guidelines, knocked over six years of alimony off my settlement and saved me approximately $104,000.00.  Jeff's fee was more than fair, in fact a bargain.  I had full confidence throughout negotiations and the entire process that Jeff had my best interests protected.  It was very clear that his two decades of family law practice served me well."

Paul M.

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