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A Few Quick Tips: Understanding Child Custody

Who decides custody when we separate?

You and your partner, as the parents, are the best people to decide the custody arrangements of your child or children should you choose to separate. However, if the two of you do not agree, you may need the assistance of an attorney. This can easily be the most difficult type of litigation that you may ever address—emotionally and legally—because it involves your children.


The words you are always going to hear in custody court are: “What is in the best interest of the child?” The problem is that you and the other parent may not agree on what is in the best of interest of your child.


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Child Custody

Who decides custody when we separate?

Factors Considered When Awarding Custody

At What Age Will My Child’s Opinion Be Considered?

Joint Custody Arrangements         

Parenting agreements, often called joint custody arrangements, are usually created by parents and validated by a judge in order to layout schedules and childcare. It is common with parents who live close together to share joint custody where the child will rotate weeks or months. Otherwise, it’s wiser to have one primary parent with the child spending time with the other on split holidays and weekends.

A “bird’s nest custody arrangement” is an arrangement that allows for the parents to go back and forth while the child remains constant in the home. This type of arrangement is rewarding for young children who form emotional attachments to their family homes.

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Child Custody
How is the Child's Best Interest Determined?
What Other Factors Will the Judge Consider?
Joint Custody

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