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The Pennsylvania courts make decisions about child custody based on the best interest  of the child. The following forms of custody can be granted:


Sole custody — As the sole legal custodian, you have the right to make long-term plans and decisions for your child’s welfare. As the sole physical custodian, your child lives with you and you have the right to make the everyday decisions that govern your child’s needs. Sole custody means you have both legal and physical custody.


Joint custody — In joint legal custody, you and your spouse share in your child’s upbringing and your child lives with one of you. If physical custody is shared, the child has two residences.

In either situation, the non-custodial parent receives visitation rights. In determining custody, the court considers:

  • The child’s preference

  • Each parent’s ability to provide for the child’s physical, emotional and intellectual well-being

  • The ability of each parent to nurture frequent and continuing contact between the child and the non-custodial parent

  • Any abusive or criminal conduct by either parent




Liebmann Family Law attorneys in Bucks County answer your questions about Child Custody


Q: I am the custodial parent. Can I deny visitation?

The purpose of visitation rights is for children of a divorced couple to understand they have two parents who are entitled to love their children and be loved in return. If the children come back from a weekend with their non-custodial parent and are upset or tell you they do not want to go anymore, that is not reason to deny visitation unless their health and welfare are endangered by the visitation. If you are having a disagreement with your former spouse or harbor ill feelings, that is not reason to deny visitation. However, there may be extenuating circumstances in which you do not have to permit visitation. These may include if your former spouse is in an inebriated or otherwise incapacitated state.


Q: I am the non-custodial parent. Can I decide not to accept visitation?

You are entitled to reasonable visitation. If you are unable to comply with the visitation schedule, you and your former spouse might be able to work out alternative arrangements. Remember your children deserve the love of both their parents.

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